The Best Wii Games – Top 7 Games for Kids

Some Wii games evoke a sense of nostalgia that few other consoles can match. That’s not to say previous generations of PlayStation, Xbox, or any other hardware don’t evoke feelings of youth and excitement, but the Nintendo Wii brought gaming to the mainstream, and it made video games cool for the first time in my memory. To name just 7A of the best Wii games is no easy task, but we’ve done our best. We have omitted multiple series entries from the following list, which includes multiple genres and intrigues.

1: The House of the Dead-Overkill:

The House of the Dead: Overkill is easily the best of its class, let alone on the Wii. Light gun-style games have been around for almost as long as home gaming consoles. An old-fashioned zombie shooting game paired with a grindhouse cinema presentation makes for a fun (and funny) title that blends in beautifully with the Wii Remote.

2: Mario Kart Wii:

Mario Kart Wii would undeniably be the best Mario Kart game if it weren’t for its Wii U sequel. Major improvements include adding more racers, motorbikes, tweaking the drift system, and the ability to perform tricks, and the courses were as good as ever.

3: Punch-Out!!:

It’s tricky business to reboot or remake a movie. Freshness is important, but you must pay homage to the past as well. This is where Punch-Out comes in. Dodge, dodge, punch for the Wii brings back the classic rhythm and style of the original.

4: Rhythm Heaven Fever:

The Wii Remote is a great music game controller thanks to its simple design and gyroscope sensor. While Just Dance parties were fun, Rhythm Heaven Fever captured players’ attention with its adorable visuals, cutesy storylines, and catchy tunes. In addition, the game had a wacky charm that simply cannot be described on a box.

5: Excitebots: Trick Racing:

It’s not all about how fast you cross the finish line, but how cool you look when you do it in Excitebots: Trick Racing. Excitebots focuses on large, expansive courses rather than tight curves and single-file racing speedways. In addition to being fast, you’ll also want to challenge yourself as a trickster.

6: Super Smash Bros – Brawl:

“Super Smash Bros. Brawl” was named Metacritic’s Wii Game of the Year for 2008. This game is the next installment in Nintendo’s Smash Bros. series for the Wii console. As well as Kirby, Pit, a powerful angelic archer from Kid Icarus, Zero Suit Samus, the protagonist from the Metroid series without her versatile armor, and Wario, with a noxious culinary attack, are all available in the game. There’s also Snake, the gritty soldier from Konami’s hugely popular Metal Gear series.

7: Rock Band 2:

Rock Band 2 builds on its reputation as the first music game to bring co-operative gameplay, multiple instruments, robust online multiplayer, and unrivaled downloadable content while offering an entirely new level of depth, connectivity, and authenticity, as well as backwards compatibility with previous Rock Band content. Rock Band 2 automatically loads all previously purchased tracks into your song list. Purchasing or downloading new tracks is not necessary. There has never been a soundtrack as diverse or as large as this one, featuring some of rock’s most prolific acts. There are new and dynamic online modes that connect the entire Rock Band community both locally and globally in more ways than ever before. Rock Band 2 offers more instrument choices than ever before, including new drums and guitars, improved functionality, and innovative new designs that are fully compatible with the original Rock Band instruments.

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