Commercial Boiler Repair

Whether your boiler has recently failed or is just starting to show signs of trouble, a qualified technician can help you find out what’s wrong quickly. A qualified technician can check chemical levels in the feedwater, test the safety valves and perform daily blow downs to prevent scale build up. They can also test the safety shutoffs and low water cutoffs Commercial Boiler Repair A qualified technician will also test the burner lame to ensure that it’s operating properly.

Service agreements

Commercial boilers are complex and dangerous, so it is best to leave the repair work to a professional commercial HVAC contractor. They are trained to install and repair them, and have all the necessary licenses to do so. Moreover, they can offer the best deals with their competitive maintenance agreements. Having an agreement can provide you with peace of mind and save you money, especially if you have a large commercial building.

Regular servicing is essential for commercial boilers. To prevent major problems, you should schedule annual, monthly or semi-annual checks with a professional contractor. Regular inspections will keep your commercial boilers in good working order and minimize the need for emergency repairs. In addition to this, you should also schedule regular checks to make sure that the pressure in your system is normal.


The costs of commercial boiler repair can vary depending on the type of boiler and its output. It can also depend on the labor involved. However, it is possible to save money by having the boiler inspected and maintained on a regular basis. This service can also prevent boiler problems from occurring. The costs of annual maintenance and cleaning are much less than the price of boiler repairs.

A comprehensive commercial boiler service can range in price from PS80 to over PS300. It may require more than one engineer to complete the task and may require a number of visits. This will ultimately determine the total cost. The service may also require parts to be replaced. Listed below are some of the most common replacement parts and their costs.

It is important to get routine maintenance for commercial boilers to ensure a high level of performance. Routine inspections will ensure that the device is clean, properly ventilated, and functioning properly. They will also ensure that your system is covered in case of an emergency. Check with your mechanical service provider or insurance agent to confirm if you have coverage for your boiler. It is also a good idea to keep boiler logs and perform preliminary tests.

Ultimately, the cost of a commercial boiler repair will depend on the type of boiler and the frequency of maintenance. Older boilers may require replacement, which will add to the costs of repairs. If you don’t maintain your commercial boiler on a regular basis, you’ll end up paying for a costly repair later on.

While it is possible to fix your commercial boiler yourself, it’s still advisable to hire a professional. Professionals charge between $50 and $1,800 on average for repair. If you’re interested in saving money, consider investing in an annual boiler service contract. These service contracts cover basic maintenance and replacement of parts.

Some commercial boiler repairs are simple, such as replacing a faulty circulating pump. A replacement circulating pump can cost from $300 to $1,000 and depends on the brand and size of the boiler. Other more costly repairs include replacing the gas valve.


If you’re wondering whether your commercial boiler requires repair, there are several things to look for. The most common of these is a loss of system pressure. This can be caused by a faulty valve or a leak within the system. If you’re unsure of the cause, you should call a specialist. These professionals can determine whether the problem is internal to the boiler, or outside it.

Another symptom is a noisy boiler. While boilers should be quiet, noise can indicate a number of issues, from a low water pressure to a faulty pump. You might also hear whistling or gurgling noises. The latter is a sign of kettling, which occurs when debris and salts build up inside the heat exchanger.

Another symptom of a malfunctioning commercial boiler is inconsistent heating. If one or two radiators are consistently not heating, this can be an indication that sludge is in the system. If this is the case, bleeding the unit should resolve the issue. In some cases, the issue may lie in the bottom portion of the tank. A commercial gas service may be able to determine the cause and solve the problem.

Leaking water is also a sign that something is wrong. Leaking water from a boiler can cause a large amount of damage. It can shut down a building for days, damage the building’s structure, and breed mold. And, of course, it can affect the efficiency of heat transfer.

Another warning sign of a malfunctioning boiler is an unusual smell. When a boiler smells like rotten eggs, it means a problem is occurring. It’s important to shut off the boiler and make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in the building. It’s also important to pay attention to any odd noises in the boiler. If you notice these things, call a technician.

Leaking water and unusual noises are also signs that a boiler is causing trouble. If these problems persist, you may need commercial boiler repair. Additionally, you’ll notice that your gas bills are rising, which is a sign that your boiler isn’t working as efficiently as it should.

Companies that provide service

If you have a commercial boiler, it is important to have it serviced by professionals. You should choose a company that offers 24-hour service, and that prioritizes its customers’ service needs. In addition, a qualified company will have systems for dispatching service calls and will be responsive to your needs. Lastly, make sure the company is licensed and insured.

Companies that provide commercial boiler repair services must have a comprehensive training program for technicians. Each technician should receive the same training, and the company should have a good safety record. Boiler repair is a dangerous job, and a company with a good safety record will give you peace of mind.

In addition to commercial boiler repair, these companies also provide industrial boiler repair services for industries ranging from the steel and aluminum industries to power generation, waste-to-energy, pulp and paper industries, and the chemical industry. Additionally, they provide turnkey installation services to help you get your new boiler up and running.

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