Custom Non-Slip Socks

Custom grip socks feature rubber or silicone attached to the bottom of the sock to provide traction and prevent slippage. Grip socks are often used in hospitals and senior care facilities to minimize patient falls.

Results from phase one wet pendulum testing revealed that non-slip socks had significantly less traction than compression stocking and bare feet (slipping at 19deg). Different sizes of the same product also varied in performance with traction maintained up to 30deg for one participant.
Customization Options

Grip socks typically have rubber or silicone attached to the bottom of each sock that provides traction to prevent slippage on a variety of surfaces and activities. The rest of the sock is usually made from comfortable and breathable fabric such as cotton or polyester.

In a clinical trial, a grippy sock was shown to reduce hospital falls and patient satisfaction scores. The sock tested well on the Wet Pendulum Friction Test, which measures a sock’s ability to resist slippage using a rubber slider and wet foot.

Trinity sourced its own grip socks after clinician leadership identified an opportunity to drive quality improvements and savings in an out-of-contract category (patient slipper socks). The team applied a familiar formulary approach, drawing on lessons learned from PPI and pharmaceutical sourcing to document clinician and patient requirements and seek a partner who could meet them at a better price. This resulted in a sock that met both performance standards and cost.

Socks with a logo are a great way to build brand awareness. There are four methods for putting logos on socks: embroidery, knitting, printing and heat transfer. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Embroidery is the most popular method for creating custom logo socks. It produces excellent results, but requires more steps than the jacquard process. It also produces a tighter fit, which may not allow for proper blood flow to the calf.

Slipper socks have a tread pattern on the bottom of the sock to improve traction and minimize fall risk. Trinity recently captured quality improvements and savings in this clinical supply category using a formulary approach: documenting clinician and patient requirements, sourcing with a supplier who could deliver exactly what they needed at a lower cost. The result was a better product, reduced SKUs and improved patient outcomes.
Bottom Grip

The bottom of the sock is designed with a grip pattern that helps prevent slippage. They can also include arch support and padding for added comfort. Grip socks can be worn over bare feet or in place of compression stockings and are often used by patients who need to mobilise without shoes.

Using a formulary approach (similar to what Trinity uses for pharmaceutical and PPI sourcing), clinicians documented patient requirements and sought a sourcing partner who could deliver quality improvements and savings in this clinical supply category. They found that while patient satisfaction was high, the products in use were not always the right size for the right person, resulting in potentially preventable falls.

This was the trigger for Trinity to work with its sock supplier to develop a product that met their needs. The resulting grip socks are now available to all clients and patients, and feature an improved fit, terry cushioning, compression ribbing around the leg and foot, and an easy-to-sew cuff design.
Private Label

Custom non-slip socks can be private labeled with your logo, brand and color. This is done by having your design or logo knit into the socks. Having your own private label increases the value of your brand and also protects it from competition. Private labeling can be a good option for brands in the early stages.

SoucingArts can help you find reliable manufacturers for your private label products in China and work with them to follow up on production, quality control, inspection, shipping arrangements and anything else necessary until you receive your order in your country or region. This will save you time and money, and it will ensure the quality of your private label products.

Our fun recognition socks are perfect for thanking your staff members for all their hard work. These socks are made of comfortable cotton blend and include designs at the heel and toe, as well as a motivational message printed on the soles.

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