Dometic Cooling Units

dometic rv fridge Cooling Units provide RVers and van lifers with the comfort of air conditioning when camping or on the road. They are designed to run on battery power and recharge in under six hours.

Inhibitor 7 has been tested to see if it can protect carbon steel tubing in absorption refrigeration units from corrosion over long periods of time. This process has included laboratory investigations and service life evaluations.

Product Overview

Dometic has been providing the mobile living crowd with a plethora of products and solutions for more than 100 years. Today, the company offers a broad range of innovative products and services for home and leisure activities, from the latest in cooking technology to smart lighting systems that can be used in any outdoor space.

The company’s products are designed to suit the unique needs of each customer, whether you are in the market for a mobile office, a family camping rig or a high-performance refrigerated vehicle for your fleet. For example, the company’s renowned Frigo line of refrigerated refrigeration units are available in sizes ranging from small to large and are equipped with state-of-the-art cooling components. The company also boasts a well-equipped service center and an extensive network of authorized distributors.


Powered Coolers Keep Your Food Cold and Frozen

Dometic Power Coolers quickly cool down your food and beverages, keeping them chilled to the touch. No ice needed, allowing you to pack more food and drink to enjoy on your next adventure.

Unlike passive coolers that rely on ice, these powered coolers are hooked up to your vehicle’s battery and can run for hours without you having to idly idle the engine. This saves you fuel on your long road trips and helps reduce wear and tear on your truck or motorhome.

RV-specific units are also equipped with auto-switching features that switch between propane and electric, so your food doesn’t go bad while you’re on the go. Adjustable fans are included, so you can get the circulation just right.


A Dometic Cooling Unit can be a great addition to your RV or camper. These units come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate a wide range of power sources.

Unlike residential fridges, these units use gas absorption cooling technology to keep your food fresh and cool. In this method, heat boils a mixture of ammonia and water, which then rises as vapor. The vapor then flows along a coil system before condensing to a liquid.

The RTX 2000 is a self-contained cooling unit designed to fit in a camper van. This unit is powered by a variable speed inverter compressor and runs quietly and efficiently.

The Dometic RTX2000 has been installed into many different vehicles and is a popular choice for camping enthusiasts and DIYers. However, there are some important safety considerations that must be made to ensure the installation is done properly. Fortunately, there are many resources available online that offer helpful tips for installing this air conditioner.


Dometic Cooling Units are backed by the industry’s strongest warranties. Major components such as the cooling unit, LP gas valve, burner and burner housing are covered for two years from date of purchase by way of a warranty that covers all bases.

The company also stands behind their products with a number of warranty extensions to cover you for the next 10 years, should the worst happen. While not as flashy as their award-winning line of refrigerators, their newest offerings are built to last and have earned the company’s enviable reputation for quality. The company even goes so far as to offer a free replacement for any model that is found to be defective in the first two years of ownership! As with all Dometic products, the best way to make sure you get the most out of your purchase is to consult with a reputable RV dealer. They can answer all of your questions and ensure you receive the best product for the money.

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