Finding the right words

When given a task to do or you are faced with a challenge of any kind, what are the first words you think of? If you are like most people, the words “I can’t”,” I do not know how”, “I am unable to” etc. are rolling off your tongue without a thought.

Those words roll out of your mouth automatically. There are others however who think about the words that come to mind first, and then decide whether they should let them out.

What is the difference? It is being strategic with your words.

Think of your words as a loaded gun or a tool. When faced with a challenge your reaction might be to take that loaded gun and start shooting. The result of shooting a loaded gun randomly without any thought causes more damage and will more than likely not do a thing to help your situation. On the other hand, think of your words as a tool in the hands of a skilled craftsman. Do you get the picture?

Using your words as a tool is being strategic with your words. Though thoughts of inability might come to mind, you choose what words come out, instead of just letting them come out automatically. Now, there is a point where you can train and discipline yourself to speak strategic words and with time, those will then become automatic just as generating words to suit the need such as with the Random Picker Wheel

You are probably wondering, “What do words have to do with how I tackle life situations?” Good question.

Where you are today was built on the words and your thoughts of past years. So if you have a specific future you are aiming for, build it with strategic words. Just like a mechanic who prides himself in the very best tools, take pride in your strategic words. Use only the best ‘tools’ to build your future.

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