How To Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact (Everything You Need to Know)

Genshin Impact is known for its tough fights. It’s sometimes possible to reach a Statue to revive a fallen party member or boost health, but that’s impossible during battle. How can travelers cope? Genshin Impact players can use the cooking mechanic to gain an advantage during boss fights. Discover how to gather and process resources into cooking ingredients using Genshin Impact. You’ll need to transform those wilderness resources into good cooking ingredients before you can use a recipe. Get the inside scoop on how unleashing your culinary genius around a campfire increases your combat prowess.

How To Get Ingredients for Genshin Impact

You can purchase certain ingredients like milk from Monstadt’s General Goods Shop or Liyue Harbor’s Second Life in Second Life. But the majority of the ingredients you’ll need to forage in the wild. Teyvat is full of resources that can be processed into cooking ingredients, such as:

  • Flowers and mushrooms, are found in the wilderness
  • Fish –. Water plants can be found in many bodies of water, including rivers, oceans, and waterfalls
  • Teyvat is home to many birds, which you can shoot with a bow or hit with a sword

There are also common and rare resources to be found in crates found in enemy camps and dungeons.

Using Genshin Impact to Process Ingredients

As a player in Teyvat, gathering resources in the wild is the first step toward making a meal. Some of those resources will need further refinement before you can use them in a recipe. The cooking mechanics in the game make it easy for players to process ingredients and prepare dishes simultaneously. Getting started is as simple as starting a fire. There are a variety of places you can use them, from the wild to camps to restaurant cookfires. Here are the steps to get you started:

  • Open the cooking menu by approaching a lit cookfire and interacting with it. As soon as you light the fire, you will be able to interact with it to open the menu. The next time you encounter an unlit fire, equip a member of your party with Pyro skills (usually Amber) and light it.
  • Clicking on the “Recipes” tab opens the menu. The processing menu can be opened by selecting the “Processing” tab or selecting the chili pepper icon.
  • Choose the item to be processed. Check out the information window for an item to make sure you have enough of the required ingredients before selecting it.
  • Click the “Cook” button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Although some ingredients take a while in real-world time, you can wait until the item is processed. It may be feasible to wait a minute for flour to process, but it may not be feasible to wait three minutes for the sausage to process. Otherwise, you can continue your adventure without exiting the menu. After your ingredients are processed, you’ll be notified, and you can then pick them up at any of the cookfires in Teyvat.

List of Processed Items

Typically, processed ingredients are used in complicated recipes. In the cooking menu, you can process these ingredients:

  • Cheese (3 Milk)
  • Butter (2 Milk)
  • Cream (1 Milk)
  • Sugar (2 Sweet Flowers)
  • Flour (1 Wheat)
  • Ham (2 Raw Meat + 1 Salt)
  • Jam (3 Sunsettia + 2 Berries + 1 Sugar)
  • Sausage (3 Raw Meat)
  • Bacon (2 Raw Meat + 2 Salt)
  • Crab Roe (4 Crab)
  • Smoked Fowl (3 Fowl + 1 Salt)

How Do I Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact on My PC?

The following steps can be followed to process ingredients: Simply interact with a lit cooking fire or follow these steps:

  • Tap “F” to interact with the fire and launch the cooking menu.
  • Choose the “Processing” tab or the tab with chili pepper.
  • Browse through the items you want to process.
  • There is a “Cook” button located in the lower corner of the screen.

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