Lopi Probuilder 36 Clean Face Gas Fireplace

The Lopi Probuilder 36 Clean Face gas heaters Fireplace is designed with an angled firebox to provide radiant heat through the huge fire viewing glass, plus natural convection from the five-sided convection chamber, delivering optimum warmth with or without the use of a fan.

Available in 3 models of 42″, 54″ or 72″ wide, the Probuilder Series is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a cost-effective fireplace solution that does not compromise on quality. It features large viewing areas and beautiful flame presentation through crystal clear tempered glass.


The Lopi Probuilder Gas Fireplace is a great choice for those looking for a beautiful and reliable way to heat their home. It offers more features and benefits than most value-priced linear gas fireplaces, as well as heavy duty construction and quality craftsmanship to ensure years of dependable warmth!

The Probuilder 42 Linear GSB is a cost-effective option for heating smaller spaces, such as bedrooms and cozy dens. It also makes a dynamic statement in larger entertaining areas.

It features a large tempered glass viewing area that captures the sleek linear style of a premium fireplace, and a gorgeous flame presentation that will be sure to please. It also ships with quiet variable twin blowers that can be independently operated from the flame and completely switched off to save energy, making it a great choice for homeowners who want to keep their electricity bills low!


The Probuilder Series is one of the most affordable yet high quality gas fireplaces available. Designed and manufactured locally by Travis Industries, this line is an excellent choice for people looking for an economical way to heat their home while not compromising on style and beauty.

ProBuilder Traditional Clean Face models feature a simple trim instead of grills or designer facing, focusing all the attention on the tall and elegant profile and stunning fire. This design makes them perfect for rooms where space is limited.


The Lopi Probuilder Gas Fireplace is a great choice for any homeowner looking to upgrade their existing fireplace. Not only does it provide a beautiful flame but it also offers many safety features.

The Probuilder Linear range is available in 3 models; 42″, 54″ and 72″. They feature a large viewing area through crystal clear tempered glass and an easy to clean built-in safety screen that eliminates any potential danger from escaping.

Each model is equipped as standard with a wall switch or an optional thermostat remote control, quiet variable twin fans that can be independently operated from the flame and even be switched off completely when you are relaxing in front of your TV.

The Probuilder 42 Linear is a value-priced model ideal for zone heating mid-size to larger entertaining spaces up to 1,250 square feet. This GreenSmart(r) Basic (GSB) model conserves fuel with a GreenSmart pilot system that automatically lights the fire when heat is called for, and turns off the fireplace when no heat is needed.


The Lopi Probuilder Gas Fireplace comes with a 7 year limited parts and labour warranty which should ensure your investment is well looked after. However, if you happen to experience any issues within that time frame then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help you out!

The Probuilder GSB 42 is the smallest model in our range and is designed to provide zonal warmth to homes up to 1,250 sq. feet with its on demand standing pilot system.

This mid sized gas fireplace is a great example of the quality Lopi are famous for delivering in their value-priced linear models. It has a nifty patented design that allows it to be installed in almost any existing chimney using its own built-in flexible flue. It also boasts a modern clean face design and high energy efficiency ratings thanks to its GreenSmart GSB pilot system which saves you money in the long run by conserving fuel.

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