Men’s Boxershorts

Boxer briefs have become a wardrobe staple thanks to the current flurry of slimmer silhouettes in menswear. They’re not as revealing as briefs and provide the same support with added thigh-skimming power.

They also resemble shorts, so they suit guys who don’t have matchstick legs and can help them look a little more substantial.


The type of underwear you wear is a personal preference, and you may have to go through some trial and error to find the right one for you. While briefs might be the most popular choice, they are not the best fit for all men. They are not as snug as boxers and do not fully cover the inner thighs, so you might feel more uncomfortable than you should while wearing them. They can also cause chafing and are at risk of wardrobe malfunctions.

A better option for some men is a pair of boxer briefs, which are similar to jockey shorts but made from fitted jersey fabric that offers more support. This underwear is not as revealing as a bikini or g-string and can be worn while running errands and chilling with friends at home or on the couch.

A mid-point between briefs and boxer briefs, trunks are a great style for larger frames that might struggle to get tight enough shorts to sit properly on the thigh. Trunks are typically longer, and can be worn with a pair of loose pants or with some shorter shorts for an outdoor party this summer. They often feature a button fly and are prone to chafing due to the extra material between your legs.


Men’s trunks are a great option for those who like the snug fit of briefs but want more coverage at the rear. Trunk style underwear covers your tummy, creating a smooth silhouette that looks sleek when worn underneath baggy trousers or with skinny jeans. The shorter cut of men’s trunks also makes your legs appear longer and slimmer, adding a flattering effect to any outfit you choose.

The design of trunks sits between the leg lengths of boxer briefs and briefs, with a slightly square-like shape. The shortened leg length of trunks helps eliminate the issue that some people experience with their legs bunching up or rolling up when wearing boxershorts, so you can enjoy a smooth appearance in your pants without the unwanted bulge.

The tighter fit of men’s trunks provides ample support for your tummy and thigh area, making them an ideal undergarment for those who work out or have a physically active lifestyle. In addition, the fabric used to make men’s trunks is soft and breathable, so it can be worn during warm weather for comfort all day long. These benefits make trunk underwear perfect for everyday wear, whether you’re heading to the gym or stepping out for a casual lunch with friends. Check out CDLP’s selection of men’s trunks in a wide range of colors and sizes, including 2XL and 3XL for taller guys.


Men’s shorts come in a wide variety of styles and fabric types. The best ones sit comfortably on the waist, hit at a flattering length on your leg and are made from cooling fabrics that wick away moisture.

Cotton is the most common material, and twill weaves are denser but more durable than standard jersey styles. They also allow air to circulate up the legs, which is why golfers love them. If you’re looking for something lighter, stretch boxer shorts have a slimmer fit that stretches as you move for added comfort. Flannel boxer shorts offer an extra layer of warmth in cold winter nights and plaid styles offer a festive flair.

For a look that’s both polished and casual, pleated shorts are a good choice. They add a slight preppy touch to classic polo shirts and pair well with pared-back trainers. Linen is another popular pick because it’s breathable and cool. But it’s prone to wrinkling, so be prepared to do a little maintenance.

Loose-fitting shorts make your torso and legs look disproportional, while tailored fits balance out the body. You’ll want to avoid flaring as well, which happens when the shorts are wider at the bottom than the leg opening. A tailor can help you get the right fit, while avoiding this common’s bamboo boxershorts

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