Thailand Privilege

Thailand privilege is a government-sponsored program that offers foreign citizens easy access to the country. Its one-time fee includes a range of complimentary privileges and services.

Members are allowed to stay in the country for a year at a time without exiting and re-entering. They are also given free annual health check-ups at selected international-standard hospitals.

Free medical check-ups at selected international-standard hospitals

The Thailand privilege program offers a variety of membership packages, with each offering its own set of benefits. The Elite Privilege Access package, for example, provides a first-class experience in the country, with exclusive discounts and offers in hotels, spas, restaurants, shopping centers, and hospitals. This package also includes administrative assistance with the government and a VIP concierge service.

The Ultimate Privilege package, on the other hand, gives members a multiple-entry visa for five years. This allows them to enter and exit the country without worrying about re-entry restrictions or long embassy queues. It also comes with other services, such as airport transfer and VIP lounge access.

Other benefits include the ability to use points to get free hotel stays, concert tickets, and flights. However, the points must be used within a year. Moreover, the program does not offer permanent residency or citizenship. In addition, members must report to immigration every 90 days. Henley & Partners has an official application portal for the program and can facilitate obtaining the visa.

No minimum stay requirement

The Thailand privilege is a country membership program also known as the Privilege Entry Visa (PEV). The PEV is designed to attract affluent global citizens who wish to reside in the ‘Land of Smiles’ for long periods of time.

The programme is offered in different packages with differing benefits and prices. The Elite Ultimate Privilege card is valid for 20 years and costs a one-off fee of 2,000,000 THB, approximately $65,000. It includes airport services, transport and government concierge services as well as an annual health check.

Thailand’s hospitals and healthcare facilities are world-renowned for their exceptional quality. Thousands of international visitors fly to the country annually for medical treatment that is not easily available in their own countries. The Thailand privilege card offers a wide range of medical benefits, including free annual health checks at selected hospitals. The card also covers the cost of hotel-style accommodations and restaurant-quality food. The card also provides access to a 24-hour helpline for English speakers.

No exit or re-entry requirements

The Thailand Elite visa program is a visa-free option for foreigners to live in the ‘Land of Smiles.’ It promotes Thailand to affluent people looking for an exotic and affordable lifestyle as well as a safe haven for their families. It also provides access to a number of luxury services and benefits for those who live in the country.

The visa-free status is granted for a period of five to 20 years. The visa is managed by the Thailand Privilege Card Company, a government-owned entity under the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. The company checks a potential member’s criminal record and other background information.

Once a person is approved for the visa, they are notified of their approval and instructions on how to pay the membership fee. After that, they will receive their membership package and the visa. Once they arrive in the country, they can avoid long lines at the airport and receive expedited immigration processing. They will be met at the airport by a representative and provided with a concierge service.

Concierge service

If you’re considering Thailand as a destination for permanent residency, you can take advantage of the country’s state-sponsored concierge service. This includes VIP access to government agencies that handle immigration and driving licenses. In addition, you can enjoy complimentary return airport transfers and free annual health check ups at private hospitals.

Elite Privilege Access is the best option for people who have tasted Thailand and know that they want to live there for more than just a few months or years. This membership package comes with a 10-year visa and a range of complimentary services. It also allows you to add family members for a discounted fee.

The application process for this visa is straightforward. A registered agent will complete a questionnaire, submit the required documents, and liaise with immigration on your behalf. You can apply while in Thailand or from your home country. The process typically takes 1-3 months. After approval, you will receive a welcome letter, membership number, and guidance for visa issuance.

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