User Oobe Broker (An Updated Complete Guide)

We often open the Task Manager and search for processes and services that consume large amounts of resources. We end up terminating/disabling those processes/services when a system runs slow or an application is unresponsive. Today we will discuss UserOOBEBroker.exe, one of these processes.

UserOOBEBroker.exe is a process running on every Windows 7/8/10 PC, and it’s responsible for displaying the Windows 10 Welcome screen after the first reboot of the system. In this article, we will tell you more about UserOOBEBroker.exe and how to disable/stop the process in Windows 11/10. You can see UserOOBEBroker.exe consuming a lot of CPU, RAM, and disk space in the image below: If you look into the details, you will find that the following entries cause the memory consumption in the Memory section of the Task Manager: The “Memory” section shows the total amount of memory used by the application. For example, if the application allocates more than 4GB of memory, then the “Memory” section will show the number 4GB.

What is UserOOBEBroker.exe in Windows 11/10

The UserOOBEBroker.exe file is an executable file developed by Microsoft. As part of Windows 11/10, the OOBE in the process’ name refers to the Out of Box Experience. Therefore, UserOOBEBroker is not a virus, malware, or anything suspicious, but rather a background system process a part of the OS.

Still, if you believe it could be a suspicious process, there is a way to check it. To be able to open any file in today’s world, we first look at its name and the extension that comes with it. We also look at the location where it is located, among other things.

We can bet you are wrong when you think there’s no need for such a process in Windows 10 since everything is almost identical to previous versions. Yes, it is true; this process has been a part of our lives since the good old days of Windows XP. When you set up the system, it guides you through the initial installation process.

OOBE Broker: How Do I Turn It Off?

Disable Windows Welcome Experience to Disable Useroobebroker.Exe

Since Windows 10 was released, we all have noticed that the Settings app has so many options that it can do wonders.

  • You can open the Settings app by pressing Win + I.
  • Select the System tab.
  • Click the Notifications and Actions link on the left.
  • Remove the check box for Show me the Windows welcome experience after updates and occasionally when I sign in to highlight what’s new and recommended.
  • Restart your system and look for the process in Task Manager. Furthermore, UserOOBEBroker.exe will also be stopped and prevented from running.

Create A New User Account to Disable Useroobebroker.Exe

If you find this strange, it works; creating a new User Profile in Windows 10 does stop the process from running in the background.

  • Create Your Own New User Account by Creating A New User Profile.
  • Look for the process in the Task Manager if it is still running.

The methods given above have been tested and proven, so make sure to follow the steps carefully and not change anything else while following them.

In Windows 7 and 8, you can right-click on the UserOOBEBroker.exe file and select “Open File Location” or go to the “Start Menu” and select “Run…” and type “%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Temp” and hit enter to get to the folder where UserOOBEBroker.exe is located. You can delete this file manually. Let me know if you know of any other way to stop the UserOOBEBroker.exe process in the comments.

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