Vacation Rentals in Cartagena Colombia

Bachelor party packages in Cartagena Colombia is a wonderful destination full of history, culture, and beauty. Whether you’re looking for a vacation rental, cabin, cottage, resort, eco-travel facilities, business travel, summer deals, or winter escapes, there are many options to choose from.

The historic city’s Spanish colonial architecture is a marvel to behold, with overhead balconies sprouting bougainvillea in the springtime. But the city also boasts a modern core of skyscrapers and condo high rises that add to its vibrant vibe.

1. They’re more affordable than hotels

Cartagena Colombia Vacation Rentals are often more affordable than hotels in the same price range. For example, a three-bedroom condo overlooking the lake and Bocagrande Commercial Center costs only $185 per day.

Most of the top vacation rentals in Cartagena are located in the Old Town district, a historic neighborhood that is surrounded by a centuries-old wall. Here, you’ll be within walking distance of all the attractions in the city.

For travelers who are looking to stay closer to the beach, you can also book a resort in the nearby Rosario Islands. This is a popular place to spend a few nights, and it’s also an excellent option for couples who want to go on a romantic getaway.

The most popular time to visit Cartagena is in June or July. You can find the best hotel deals in these months if you book at least 90 days before your trip begins.

2. They’re more private

If you’re looking for more privacy than a hotel offers, a Vacation Rental in Cartagena Colombia may be the perfect choice. You can escape the crowds and enjoy your time in the city without worrying about sharing rooms or pools with strangers.

There are plenty of vacation rentals that come with a private patio, balcony, or pool. These properties are ideal for those who want to enjoy a nice, relaxing evening outside on the deck of their home away from home in Cartagena.

Staying in a Vacation Rental in Cartagena Colombia will also allow you to cook your own meals and relax on the deck while enjoying the gorgeous views of the city. You can even take a stroll around the property and explore the lush, green interiors that will make you feel at home!

3. They’re more convenient

You can get a lot more for your money by renting a vacation home in Cartagena Colombia. These short-term rentals are often more affordable than hotels and offer better amenities.

For example, a three-bedroom condo with spectacular views over the lake (el Laguito), Bocagrande Commercial Center, and the ocean can be booked for around $185 per day. It also comes with a fully equipped kitchen and cable TV service.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about getting lost or missing important sights, because most of the vacation homes in Cartagena are near the city center and have easy access to all areas.

The most beautiful places to stay in Cartagena are located in the old town and the walled city, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for years. The walled city is a quaint fusion of colonial architecture, churches, plazas and cobblestone streets.

4. They’re more comfortable

A vacation rental in Cartagena Colombia offers more space, privacy and comfort than hotels. You won’t have to worry about sharing swimming pools and dining areas with noisy, potentially rude guests.

You’ll be closer to the beach when you stay at a vacation rental in Cartagena, and you can take advantage of the city’s tropical climate and miles of shoreline to explore the area. Plus, you’ll have access to great restaurants and bars nearby.

When you’re traveling in a city with historic charm and vibrant culture, you need the right accommodations to make your experience memorable. Vacation rentals in Cartagena Colombia offer everything you need and more, with the best value for your money.

Staying in the Old Town (El Centro) in Cartagena is like staying in a time warp, as colonial architecture stands guard behind cobble-stoned alleys that lead to plazas filled with cafes and street art. You’ll find yourself surrounded by a colorful culture that never sleeps, but manages to be languid and carefree at the same time.

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