WIFI Keeps Disconnecting – How to Fix it

It can be extremely frustrating to have a Wi-Fi connection that keeps dropping out over and over again.There could be anything from an out-of-date router and slow internet speeds to an incorrect computer setting or a major outage on your internet service provider’s end.We’ve put together a list of causes and solutions to help you figure out why your Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting, so you can keep your speedy Wi-Fi service going.

How Come My WIFI Keeps Disconnecting?

No matter if you’re sending an important email or you’re trying to conduct a conference call on your PC or mobile device, a dropped WIFI connection can make your life difficult. These are the main reasons for dropped WIFI connections:

  1. Turning off your WIFI router
  2. Bad signal, slow DNS server, or packet loss
  3. Insufficient WIFI driver software
  4. The latest update introduced bugs that disrupted WIFI connections
  5. during power management
  6. when the wireless adapter was poorly configured
  7. the router is out of date
  8. your router is damaged or too far away from your device
  9. There is network interference
  10. There is a major service outage
  11. You live in an area without or with limited access to the internet
  12. This WIFI driver is not compatible with the current version of your operating system

ps4 keeps disconnecting from wifi
ps4 keeps disconnecting from wifi

What to Do If Your WIFI Keeps Disconnecting:

It is possible to fix most of the issues that cause your WIFI connection to drop. Check out these quick fixes before moving on to more complex solutions to get your WIFI back up and running in no time.

Here are some quick checks:

  1. Make sure your WIFI switch is on.
  2. Use the correct WIFI connection.
  3. Ensure everything on your router is plugged in properly.
  4. To determine if anything is unusual or other than green on your router, check the lights. Using your router’s manual, you can learn what each light means and how to resolve any problems.
  5. Especially where there is a lot of interference, move your device closer to the router. To boost your WIFI signal’s strength, you can also get a WIFI range extender.
  6. Check again if the connection is strong with an Ethernet cable connected to your device. If it works, then the problem lies with the wireless signal.
  7. You should check with your ISP if there are any connection issues or service outages in your area.
  8. Disconnect any items or electronics that might be interfering with your router.
  9. Changing your router’s WIFI channel is especially helpful if your network overlaps with nearby networks.
  10. You can reset your WIFI settings by restarting your computer, mobile device, or router.
  11. You should check your computer for updates and install them.
  12. You should remove the wireless network and reinstall it.
  13. Disable your security software (antivirus) temporarily in case it is conflicting with other software, causing problems with your WIFI connection.
  14. Update the firmware on your router. Check with your internet service provider if you aren’t sure how.
  15. Run a network diagnostic to identify the issue. Select Troubleshoot problems from the right-click menu of the WIFI icon in Windows 10. Use the Network Diagnostics tool in Menu > System Preferences > Assist Me > Diagnostics on a Mac.

Updating or reinstalling WIFI Adapter Driver:

Your device will keep disconnecting from WIFI if the Wifi adapter driver is out of date. You can update or reinstall the driver to resolve the issue.

  1. Select Network Adapters from the Device Manager menu by right-clicking Start.
  2. Then, select Update Driver from the right-click menu.
  3. Choosing Uninstall driver from the right-click menu will reinstall the driver. The latest driver will be downloaded and installed automatically when you restart your computer. Alternatives include downloading the latest driver online and installing it on your computer.

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