YouTube Growth Statistics – That May Surprise You

People replaced in-person events and activities with videos on YouTube in 2020. These YouTube statistics illustrate how people use this social video platform right now, and what YouTube growth marketers must know in order to effectively reach them.

YouTube – Second Most Popular Social Media Platform

The first YouTube stat we shared might not have grabbed your attention, but this one will. Datareportal, 2019 reports that 79 percent of internet users have a YouTube account.

YouTube was founded in 2005 by three former PayPal employees. YouTube was acquired by Google for US$1.65 billion in 2006, and it now functions as a Google subsidiary. The mission of YouTube has been to provide fast and easy video access to users, as well as the ability to share videos frequently. It has grown beyond our expectations.

There is no doubt that YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms today, but there are many reasons for its rise. The accessibility of YouTube is one of the main reasons for its dominance in the industry. You can share your content with a large audience on YouTube because it’s so easy to get started. YouTube’s ease of use has attracted millions of content creators from all over the world.

YouTube User Statistics

  1. YouTube Has More Than 2 Billion Logged-In Monthly Users

The audience is not quite as large as Face book’s 2.74 billion monthly active users.

The “logged-in monthly users” number is likely an underestimation of the number of people actually watching YouTube content each month, however, since it’s possible to watch YouTube content without ever creating an account.

  1. 74% of Americans Use YouTube

This is more than Facebook (which reaches 68% of American adults). That’s almost twice the percentage of Instagram (40%), the next runner-up.

YouTube is the most popular online platform in America, according to Pew Research.According to e-Marketer, U.S. YouTube viewers will reach 228.1 million by 2024, up from 214.9 million in 2020.

  1. YouTube Is Used By 77% Of U.S. 15-35-Year-Olds

YouTube is more popular with those 35 and under, but only slightly. YouTube is used by 73% of Americans aged 36 to 45, 70% of Americans aged 46 to 55, and 67% of Americans aged 56 and older.

The use of other social platforms plummets sharply in older age groups, which is a very different pattern.

  1. S. Parents Of Children 11 And Under Watch YouTube 80% Of The Time

About 53% of parents say their child watches YouTube videos at least once a day. Other social networks, such as Facebook, require a minimum age of 13, in stark contrast.

YouTube has a wide audience across all age groups in the United States, based on the last two YouTube user statistics combined.

  1. 5% of OTT watchers in the U.S. are watching YouTube

OTT stands for “Over-the-top” and it refers to streaming services that are watched on TV. YouTube is watched by almost all Americans who watch streaming videos on their TVs.

Among digital video platforms, YouTube is the most popular. The second place goes to Netflix with 74.9%. YouTube watched time on TV increased 80% year-over-year in March.

  1. 4% Of YouTube’s Site Traffic Comes From The U.S

YouTube is very popular in the U.S., as you’ve already seen. It is important to note, however, that only a small portion of YouTube’s traffic originates in the USA.

Even though the United States is the single largest source of visits to YouTube, it still represents only 16.4% of traffic, according to Alexa’s estimates.

Who are the next runner-ups? A whopping 9.2% of YouTube viewers are from India, and 4.8% are from Japan.

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